Employee/Cardholders Card Benefits FAQ

What is the Preferred MasterCard® Paycard?
It is a prepaid debit card that your employer direct deposits your net pay.

How does the Preferred MasterCard® PayCard differ from a credit card or bank debit card?
The Preferred PayCard allows you to spend only the amount of funds deposited on your card. No application, bank account, or credit check needed.

How do I participate in the Preferred MasterCard® PayCard program?
This is an employer sponsored benefit. The Payroll Department will have the necessary enrollment form and can enroll you in the program.

Where can I use my new Preferred MasterCard® PayCard?
The Preferred MasterCard® PayCard may be used anywhere debit MasterCard® cards are accepted. The Preferred PayCard may be used to shop online, pay bills or at POS terminals. You can also use your Card at any ATM that displays the MasterCard®, Maestro or Cirrus acceptance marks.

Is there a maximum amount of funds that I can have on my Preferred MasterCard® PayCard?
Yes. The debit card will accommodate up to $7000.00 at any one time.

What if I forget my PIN number?
Call Customer Service toll free number at 1-800-477-5965 and be prepared to furnish your personal information.

What should I do if I lose my card or think it might have been stolen?

How do I check my balance and account activity?
You may log on to your account on line at www.preferredpaycard.com or call Customer Service toll free at 1-800-477-5965.

Can I return merchandise that was purchased with my card?
All store purchases can be returned to the retailer in accordance with the retailers return policy. Refunds or credits will be credited back to your Preferred MasterCard® PayCard account.

Can I make a purchase if I do not have funds in my account?
No. Your card is a prepaid debit card; you may only spend the available balance on your card. If a merchant makes a mistake and approves a transaction that you do not have funds to fully cover, the primary cardholder will be responsible for the transaction, and will be charged an applicable overdraft fee.

What if I have a disputed transaction?
Call our Customer Service toll free at 1-800-477-5965.

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